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Binder Loams builds another storage barn

After the success of our new storage barn built in 2013 for the storage of dry loam and topsoil, Binder Loams decided to go for another in 2014. With a capacity for over 3000 cubic meters of material, the barn built last year will be joined by an even larger brother with an impressive 4000 cubic meters of dry storage capacity, including our Ongar Loam™ cricket wicket dressing.

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We naturally air dry and process all of the loam and topsoil on site through the summer months ready for the end of season cricket renovations and our smaller screening shed has traditionally only been able to store a relatively modest amount of loam.

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Being restricted to how much loam we can produce because of lack of dry storage, we generally opted to leave the material in its virgin state in our large heaps and not even begin the process of producing the 4mm screened loam used to top dress and construct the cricket wickets.

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With the addition of the two barns our material can now be stored year-round in the same exacting quality our customers have come to expect and demand throughout renovation season. Although we can now dry store a decent amount of your cricket loam and topsoil, we hope the weather stays as glorious as is has been in June and July so far!

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Binder Loams installs new palletising robot

After many years of manually stacking our bagged loam onto pallets, Binder Loams has invested in a Pacepacker Blu-Robot palletiser.

Until now our 3 phase generator was unable to run a robot due to the inconsistent current produced thus affecting the complex computer. After connecting to a mains 100 amp 3 phase supply in 2012 we were able to go ahead with our plans of installing an automated system.

Andy pictured stacking the bags of loam onto pallets

Andy stacking

When manually stacking over 200,000 25kg bags of loam a year, our staff have had to balance the fine line between actually producing our cricket loam or filling and stacking the bags onto pallets ready for delivery or collection. Limited to around 40 pallets a day it can take up to four months just to get everything pre-packed for the end of season renovations.

With our new investment we can continue to concentrate on producing the loam whilst the robot stacks the bags and saves the boys backs!

In honour of our staff member Peter Cook, who is retiring in October after over forty years at Binder Loams, our boys have decided to name the new robot after him.

Meet ‘Peter’ the robot installed first week of July 2014


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